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And the new pain breakthrough that's 12 ways more powerful!

Dear Reader,
Twenty years ago, 60 Minutes showcased this "pain miracle" to 70 million viewers, and The New York Times
hailed it in a lead editorial. Then it virtually disappeared from the halls of healthcare. WHY?
Keep reading for the shocking truth about this new breakthrough.
Yours in good health,
Allan Spreen, MD
Chief Research Advisor
NorthStar Nutritionals Provides Soothanol X2 work for ME?' Another resource to obtain DMSO is at your
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Dear Friend:
Our story starts with an outrageous fact about modern healthcare. When it comes to natural pain relief, the
average American racehorse may get better treatment than you and your loved ones. Why? Because
racehorses don't win when they're hurting -- and racing regulations forbid 'doping' with drugs like cortisone.
As a result, great trainers are always looking for truly effective natural remedies. And their most valuable
secret of all may be...
An underground legend If you're especially health-savvy, you may have heard of DMSO. But did you know
that its astonishing powers have been...?
Praised by The New York Times,
showcased on 60 Minutes...
...and shown safe and effective in over 1,200 scientific publications. Yes! So do let me fill you in on its
fascinating history, and explain why it's such an important part of the Soothanol X2 formula. DMSO is short
for dimethyl sulfoxide -- an organic, sulfur-rich substance found in the woody part of trees. It was first
discovered by a Russian researcher back in 1866. But the real excitement started about 100 years later,
when American scientists started uncovering some truly startling properties...
First, they found it's absorbed with incredible ease....
When you put a bit on the back of your hand, it just plain disappears. Then Dr. H. Harry Szmant, Chairman
of the University of Detroit's chemistry department, observed that it can speed up important chemical
reactions 'a billionfold.' (Yes, a billion times -- that's what he said!)
Next, people started noticing what happens after it's applied. Racehorse trainers began using it on lame
animals, and reported amazing results. Professional sports trainers tried it and loved it too. The New York
Times, in a lead editorial published on April 3, 1965, declared that DMSO is 'the closest thing to a [health]
wonder produced in the 1960s.' Interest reached a fever pitch in 1980, when...
The hugely popular TV show 60 Minutes
introduced 70 million TV viewers to
The reporter was Mike Wallace, who was (and is) famous for pulling no punches when he spots a fraud.
But Mike Wallace didn't trash DMSO. On the contrary, the people he interviewed gave very powerful
personal testimonials. And the feedback from viewers was phenomenal.
One doctor's office reported up to 10,000 phone calls! But most shocking of all is what happened next.
Vested interests launched a ferocious campaign to discredit it, huge controversy erupted and...
DMSO all but disappeared from
the halls of American health care...
It went 'underground.' A few enlightened doctors continued to champion DMSO (see what one famed
physician has to say about it below), and it became a word-of-mouth legend among well-informed insiders.
Racehorse trainers still swear by it. Professional sports trainers still use it to get their million-dollar stars up
and running again. Competition cyclists are rumored to carry little bottles tucked away in their tire-patch kits.
Outside this inner circle, however, everyone else gradually forgot about DMSO...
UNTIL NOW! The big breakthrough
happened just recently...
...thanks to a brilliant health scientist named Jon Barron.
For years, Barron had been researching the 'holy grail' of pain relief. A formula that could erase virtually
any kind of pain on contact. Without waiting for pills to work. Just by rubbing it on.
Together with fellow researcher Ron Manwarren, Barron had isolated 11 different cutting-edge botanical
and organic compounds that all showed immense promise. They were so close! But they lacked the final
piece of the puzzle. They needed the ultimate 'transporter' -- a compound that would blend all the others
together and 'deliver' them to the pain site. They experimented with substance after substance...
Finally, they tried DMSO -- and eureka!
Success beyond their wildest dreams...
Just as Dr. Szmant at the University of Detroit had predicted nearly 40 years before... DMSO proved to be a
near-perfect solvent and transporter. It transformed Barron's pain-relief formula into the powerhouse that
we know today as Soothanol X2.
Now let's take a look at exactly how Soothanol X2 can rub out your pain on contact...
Are you still waiting...?
...for your pain pills to kick in? Get with it!
'2 DROPS & BINGO!' -- Mary Stewart, Michigan
When the first drop hits your skin, you'll wonder 'WHOA! What's going on here!' What happens next is a
matter of public record. Mary Stewart is just one of thousands who thought it might be impossible to...
Rub out pain ON CONTACT...
But keep reading and you'll see a stack of astonishing first-person reports from Mary and many others.
You'll learn the science behind this breakthrough. You'll hear from famed doctors, confirming it. Still
skeptical? See for yourself! Read on and take the 2 drop challenge... Dear Friend: How many times have
you lain awake waiting for your pain pills to kick in? How often have you been driving, gardening or simply
sitting at your desk, when BANG... You're suddenly ambushed by an unexpected flare-up!
And how many times have you
And silently pleaded, 'Please! Make it stop!' Happens nearly every day, doesn't it? But what if one day you
rubbed that spot and... 'Bingo! Pain relief!' Well, thanks to a breakthrough in pain research, that happy day
has arrived. People like you are finding they can...
Literally rub away pain, as easily as
...with as little as just 2 drops of an astonishing new discovery called Soothanol X2. Yes, that's exactly what
they're doing. And I'm writing this free online report to address any doubts that this breakthrough can work
for YOU TOO. You're going to hear from a legion of real-life users, learn how the science behind it works --
and then get to try it yourself, RISK-FREE. So please do read on, because...
Even if you're delighted with your pain pills,
WHY? Because even the perfect pain pill would still have one huge shortcoming... THE WAIT! And even if
you're already taking a pill and it's actually working... WHAT ABOUT FLARE-UPS? What on earth do you do
then? I mean...
You've already taken
your pills -- what's left?
Grit your teeth and bear it, right? Wrong! Not anymore... Thanks to a brilliant researcher named Jon
Barron, it's now possible to...
Attack your pain directly...
Barron's breakthrough bypasses your digestive tract, and delivers a dozen natural powerhouses -- on
contact. Addressing your pain at the source. Make sense? You bet! Now let me explain how this miracle
happens. It all starts with a truly outrageous fact about modern healthcare...
The moment the first drop hits your skin, you'll wonder 'WHOA! What's going on here!' It's almost like
watching a magic trick. Unlike lotions and goops that just sit there, Soothanol X2 disappears!
Where did it go? Straight to the trouble -- on contact! You can see and feel it going to work while you're still
choking down your pain pills. That's no illusion. It's the scientific result of...
A 4-stage 'transporter system'
that leaves pills, lotions and
creams in the dust...
You see, each tiny drop of Soothanol X2 is a microscopic world of wonders. Packed with literally trillions of
complex organic molecules, all working together in elegant synergy. These include...
Stage #1. DMSO: The astonishing 'key' that unlocks the doors of healing. Every rub-on needs a solvent to
blend and carry the other ingredients -- unleashing their natural powers. And I've never heard of a natural
substance that even comes close to DMSO. As you saw on the previous page, DMSO may multiply
chemical reactions 'a billionfold.' So you only need a drop or two of Soothanol X2 to feel incredible results.
Stage #2. EMU OIL: The super-absorbent 'wonder from down under.' Back when T-Rex walked the earth,
the odd-looking emu was already thriving -- and Australian aborigines have been using emu oil to rub away
hurts for thousands of years. Lately, NBA teams have been discovering its powers. Players swear it has an
uncanny effect on pain associated with swelling. We scientists are just beginning to puzzle out the reason
why, but it's clear that emu oil is absorbed incredibly effectively.
Stage #3. ORANGE PEEL EXTRACT?! That's what I said! To be sure, this is no ordinary extract, but pH-
balanced limonene oil. It feels soothing to your skin and smells wonderfully refreshing. Importantly,
researcher Jon Barron found that limonene oil has an especially dense electromagnetic field.
Concentrating Soothanol X2's powers even more.
Stage #4. VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Ancient secret of hurting gladiators. It was also used by ancient Olympic
athletes to relax their aching bodies. Modern biochemists tell us that olive oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,
polyphenols, T-BARS (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances) and literally dozens of other nurturing
compounds. Together, they form an ideal emolient -- softening the skin, contributing to Soothanol X2's silky
texture, and helping the other transporters do their work.
So that's how Soothanol X2 gets down to pain-points you thought were unreachable. Like a four-stage
rocket, it delivers relief where nothing went before. Now let's take a look at what happens after it hits your
skin. You see, this 'pain-relief rocket'TM delivers...

An amazing 'pain-fighting payload'......the most potent I've ever evaluated in all my years as a doctor!
Nothing else I know of even comes close. Common lotions or creams may contain one or two of these
compounds. But Soothanol X2 delivers a dozen natural miracles in every drop, including...
CAYENNE: The fiery pepper that makes pain 'burn out'. Native Americans have used cayenne for at least
9,000 years. For good reason! Know the expression 'fight fire with fire'? Well, cayenne helps to 'burn up' a
chemical in your body called 'substance P' -- a compound that carries pain messages to your brain. The
cayenne in Soothanol X2 may warm and tingle your skin for bit. But soon these sensations vanish, along
with your pain!

MENTHOL: Nature's proven arthritis 'pain cooler'. Know how peppermint gum cools your mouth? That's the
effect of a compound called menthol. And it's been shown to be among the most effective pain-relievers for
osteoarthritis -- in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies published in the Journal of Clinical
Rheumatology and the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. If it can even soothe arthritis pain, just think
what it can do for those occasional strains, bumps and bruises!
ST. JOHN'S WORT: You thought it was just an antidepressant, but... did you know St. John's Wort was
used by battlefield physicians back in ancient Rome? Yes! They used it to hasten the healing process for
gruesome war wounds and traumas. Ever since, for thousands of years, natural healers have used it to
treat everything from injuries and bruises to bursitis and even phantom limb pain. MSM: The 'miracle
molecule' for healthy joints. There's a good reason why MSM is included in so many joint support pills.
Thousands credit it with delivering relief, and it may also promote healthy circulation, so nutrients can rush
in to mend the injured area. Now, thanks to Jon Barron's 4-stage 'transporter,' you can apply MSM directly
to your pain site!
ARNICA: European herbalists say it's awesome for speeding up the healing of sprains and muscle strains.
Preliminary research shows that it also helps bruises heal faster. The Soothanol X2 delivery system
launches it onto your hurting back, neck or ankles. Even if you've tried arnica all by itself before, wait 'til
you feel the difference! This is just some of the stuff that's working for you in every drop of Soothanol X2.
The total effect must be felt to be believed. Everything works together to 'short circuit' your pain at the
source. As a user myself, I can tell you it's an uncanny feeling. It's almost like your fingertips have turned
into a pain-erasing wand. First you feel a little tingle and then... 'BINGO! PAIN RELIEF!'
-- Mary Stewart, Michigan

Now I can still hear you saying, 'But my pain's different! It's too intense! No topical treatment could
POSSIBLY work for me!' But please, keep reading to check out Soothanol X2's sensational track record...
When the letters started pouring in from folks who took our '2 drop challenge,' I must admit that even I was
stunned. There's a revolution going on! People are using Soothanol X2 for stuff that we never even
considered. Just when I think I've heard everything, someone writes in with a new revelation -- 'Hey, it works
for this too!' I don't have near enough space to share every story, but here's my point... Whatever it is,
don't assume anymore that 'I'VE JUST GOT TO LIVE WITH THIS' No! Whether you banged your toe just
now...Or got hurt in a wreck 30 years ago...Or your feet throb with pain after work...Or you wake up with
aching hips every night...No matter what you've been gritting your teeth about...
What have you got to lose by giving Soothanol X2 a whirl? Take a look at what's already happening. Isn't it
time you found out what 2 tiny drops could do? Why not! As you'll see, if you order today, you can take our
'2 drop challenge' without risking a cent. You'll get back every penny of the purchase price, unless you're
as thrilled as the folks below. Plus, this RISK-FREE guarantee covers every bottle you get for your loved
ones too (and they will want their own!)...'Amazing for arthritis! One drop...' 'This is the most amazing pain
relief product for arthritis. I put one drop on my Mom's arthritic wrist on Saturday afternoon. Today is
Monday and she called to say that it relieved all the pain until Sunday afternoon!' -- Christina Silfee, Maine
Knee relief when glucosamine failed!

'After the first application [my husband] received relief from his pain. He is 80 years old and has
experienced pain in his hip and knee for some time, even after ingesting many bottles of glucosamine and
MSM. He's thrilled and urges others who may be skeptical...try it!' -- Shirley Denson, Illinois

Hip relief 'better than any cream or lotion!''I have regular hip pain. [Soothanol X2] is far better at pain relief
than any cream or lotion I have tried, and the pain relief usually lasts all day. Thanks for telling us about it!'
-- Max Stewart, Arizona

Restless leg sufferer 'thrilled!'
'I have RLS [restless leg syndrome]. I used this on my legs and...I am absolutely thrilled!' -- C.S., New
'Pain from neuropathy...2 DROPS AND BINGO!' 'I am a sufferer of pain off and on from neuropathy. It may
be a shooting pain, a knife-like pain anywhere in my body. Well, I developed a pain on the outside of my left
foot like a pang of ice going into the foot. 2 drops and Bingo! I just couldn't believe how effective it was!' --
Mary Stewart, Michigan

'Sprained wrist, jaw pain...RELIEF!'
'While I used this on a sprained wrist I was overjoyed... but this week took the cake! After having a molar's
roots removed I suffered, and then I thought Soothanol. I rubbed it on my cheek, my jaw and under my jaw.
Relief!!! And sleep!!!' -- Mary Symonds, Michigan

'Pain after typing...FEELING GREAT!'
'Got a humdinger of a pain in my wrist after typing for a couple of hours at fast speed. I hadn't finished my
work and thought I would be unable to do so. I went to get my bottle of Soothanol, shook out a few drops
onto my wrist, rubbed it in, and before I knew it, I felt relief! Got it all done!' -- Jennifer Hill, Tennessee
'Back pain no problem...even used it on my VARICOSE VEINS! WORKS!'
'I am 77 years old and have arthritis pretty much throughout my body. Well my back pain is gone with an
application in the morning, which lasts me through the day. I have even used it on my varicose veins. It took
the itch away. I know this sounds kinda funny, but it really works!' -- Patrick Malcolm, Delaware

Better get more than one bottle...
PRIME SUSPECTS: Hubby, wife, mom, dad, kids, coworkers... Then another stunner took us by surprise.
An incredible avalanche of reorders. Seems that after folks try Soothanol X2, they encourage their loved
ones to try it -- and never get the bottle back! Count on it, friend. As soon as this little bottle leaves your
hands... It's going to transform the life of everyone who touches it...
Think for a moment of your Mom with her tender hip (she won't complain, but you can tell by the way she
walks)... the spouse who sleeps beside you (and keeps you up, tossing and turning)... your active,
adventurous kids (who sometimes come home wincing)... your coworker (in pain after pounding the
keyboard all day)... your handyman (after all he's fixed for you, wouldn't it be nice to fix his knee pain?)...
Hey, do you know anyone over 40 who doesn't have some kind of nagging pain? Or anyone under 40 who
doesn't get banged up now and then? Your list of probable Soothanol thieves is endless, isn't it?
So the people at NorthStar Nutritionals are making it easy for you to help all your loved ones, without
busting the budget... 'Helped my leg pain... Mom's arthritic hand and neck... my husband's feet... THIS IS
SO WONDERFUL!' 'First it helped dissipate my leg pain, so I gave a bottle to my Mom to try. Second, it
relieved her pain in her arthritic hand and her neck. She is in 7th Heaven now and pain free! Third, I gave a
bottle to my husband for the pain [in the] balls of his feet. He puts it on every morning now and has no more
pain for the rest of the day. This is so wonderful! Best I have ever found!'
-- Lori Schneider, Kansas

'My painful Achilles tendon... my son's sports injury...LIKE MAGIC!'
'It is really fantastic, like magic. Painful shoulder for years meant I could not move my arm above my head
or rotate my shoulder. Both movements were possible after just one application! I also had a swelling on my
Achilles tendon. Again just one application and the pain went away and the swelling went down. Also used
the product on a sports injury my son suffered and relief was the result!'
-- Adam Palmer, Michigan

Eases Mom's PVD pain!
My Mom has PVD [peripheral vascular disease] and this is the only product that works to ease her pain.
Thank you so much!
-- Lori Slade, South Carolina

Sharing it with EVERYONE!
'Fabulous! Helped me and many members of my family!'
-- Marlene LeClaire, Washington

'I try to keep a spare bottle on hand so that others can try it!'
-- Christina Simone, Louisiana
'Really works! I am sharing it with friends!'
-- Cathy Rist, Virginia
So, what won't it do?
Quite honestly, this may be the best news of all... If you're still wondering, 'Can this be for real?' I totally
understand. The pain-relief marketplace is awash in overpriced products that promise more than they can
possibly deliver. So I want to make it very clear that Soothanol X2 cannot erase pain permanently. Of
course, no pain pill can do that either. But unlike many risky pain pills that have been making headlines...
Soothanol X2 is wonderfully safe to use every day...
Not only is it safe and natural -- its revolutionary 'direct delivery' system neatly bypasses your entire
digestive system. So, unlike pain pills that must be processed by your stomach and other internal organs...
•        It won't upset your stomach...
•        It won't stress the kidneys or liver...
•        It won't trigger any other adverse side-effects that we're aware of...
Plus, you won't have to worry about interactions with aspirin, blood-thinners or other pills you may already
be taking. And you won't have to choke down yet another set of pills!
Quite simply, it frees you to live your life
And it's so incredibly easy. Imagine yourself not long from now, when your supply of Soothanol X2 arrives.
You're going to open the handy applicator bottle... place a couple of drops on your fingertips... touch where
you're hurting. And that's that! Just 2 drops and you're finally...
•        Free to take that trip! Without fear of agonizing flare-ups...
•        Free to be active again! So you can maintain your circulation and joint health...
•        Free to sleep through the night! This alone could help you feel years younger...
So, after seeing what it's already done for so many others, if you're still asking yourself, 'Can it really, truly
work for me' -- why just sit there and wonder! The beauty of Soothanol X2 is that...
You don't have to guess if it's going to work...
Why not find out RIGHT NOW? Just RSVP to take our '2 drop challenge' -- RISK-FREE! And don't worry
about falling out of love with Soothanol X2. Because NorthStar Nutritionals also guarantees that you'll keep
on being thrilled with your results, with an...
Extraordinary 60-day extended RISK-FREE GUARANTEE

If you're ever less than over-the-moon with your purchase at any time, just return the unused portion within
60 days and we'll cheerfully refund 100% of your purchase price. (NOTE: This is far more generous than
the customary 'pro-rated' guarantees that merely repay you for the unused portion!)
I've been there and I know this breakthrough works...
But I realize you've probably tried many pain-relief pretenders that don't. So I can't blame you if you're still
wondering, 'Will Soothanol X2 work for ME?' Well, we don't have a crystal ball -- but we do have so many
thrilled readers already, that NorthStar Nutritionals is offering an extraordinary guarantee...
If you're not 100% delighted, it's free!
Here's all we ask. Just open the bottle and...
Dab a couple of drops on your fingertips. Lightly rub the place where you're hurting. Then simply feel what
happens next. If you're not blown away by the difference, return the unused portion within 90 days and
you'll get a polite, full refund of your purchase price (less shipping and handling). No questions asked. Fair
You risk nothing, and best of all...
You won't have to wait to know if it works! And I'm betting you'll be so thrilled, you're going to run to the
phone and call your loved ones. Sharing this breakthrough, just like so many others who tried it are doing
right now. So what's holding you back? Why just sit there, a prisoner of pain?
Break out of it! Visit our RISK-FREE online order form today.
Take just 60 seconds to do it now. And then, whenever pain threatens, remember... Relief is just 2 drops
Yours for pain-free living,

Allan Spreen, MD
Chief Research Advisor, NorthStar Nutritionals
Olive Oil, Calendula Oil, Arnica Oil, St John's Wort Oil, Cayenne, Ginger, Natural Menthol Crystals,
Wintergreen, DMSO, Limonene Oil, Emu Oil, and MSM.
Net: 1 Fluid OZ/30ML
Barron Approved Baseline of Health FormulaTM
Directions for Use:
Apply 2-3 drops (or just enough to cover the area with a thin film of liquid). Rub in with fingertips. Wash
hands before and after use. You may notice a slight burning sensation upon application. This is normal and
may vary in intensity depending on the person and how much is applied. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not
swallow. Keep out of reach of children. (It normally takes 2-3 drops to cover your entire knee, and 5-6
drops to cover the entire lower back.)

Additional Information:
This product contains NO yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein,
milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring,
preservatives or flavoring.
Keep out of the reach of children. Protect from heat, light and
moisture. Store at 15-30 degrees C (59-86 degrees F). Do not
purchase if seal is broken.
Indications: For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple
backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, or sprains.
Warnings: This product is for external use ONLY and is not to be ingested. If swallowed, get medical help or
contact a physician immediately. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If condition worsens
or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days, consult a
physician. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. Do not bandage tightly. This product should not be
used on children under 2 years of age except as recommended by a physician. Keep out of reach of

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