An overview of the MRSA problem in the USA
The Centre For Disease Control (CDC) estimate that
there are about 90,000 deaths per annum related to
Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI's) most commonly
MRSA, also known as Staph infections. About one in
twenty Americans will contract a HAI during a stay in
hospital but most states are not required by law to
provide this information. Apart from the incalculable
human cost the CDC estimate that this adds $5 billion
to the national healthcare bill. Other estimates put
the real figure at twice this amount. States where it is
mandatory to supply this information include Illinois ,
Pennsylvania , Missouri , Florida and New York .
A recent report from one of these states,
Pennsylvania , came up with the following figures.
Number of hospital-acquired infections in 2004:
11,668. Number of deaths associated with hospital-
acquired infections: 1,510. Extra number of hospital
days associated with …

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