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Laurel Ann Browne, CAC III, CHt, CPR
Visionary Counseling Center, LLC

dba: Visionary Creative Change
Counselor –
35 years Experiences
Holistic, Alternative, Integrative

Our mission is to empower our clients with health
programs, dynamic hypnosis programs,  self-help
informational articles and current health news.  
We also provide preparedness emergency
information on pandemic viruses and how you
can protect yourself and your family.
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Laurel Ann Browne has been a Certified Holistic Counselor for
over 35 years and has specialized in Medical Astrology for over
fifteen years. She works with physicians, chiropractors and
alternative health practitioners giving her insights and
suggested herbs or nutritional needs specific to client needs.  
She is a member of the International Association of Counselors
& Therapists, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a teacher of Holistic
Health Alternatives, the author of :"Health in the Stars" monthly
columnist for Connections Newsletter and a Board Member of
the Whole Life Network for community health awareness.  She
is also a Certified Instructor for Children's Redirection Behavior
for parents and teachers of ADD/ADHD special needs children
and a Life Strategy Consultant.
She is available for
free  toll-free telephone initial consultations
Hipprocrates, "Father of Medicine and author of
the Hippocratic Oath, maintained that, "A
physician cannot safely administer medicine if
he is unacquainted with Astrology".
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