August 10, 2010

Dream Control And Lucid Dreaming

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Dream Control, or the ability to control your dreams is something that is crucially required or finds much importance in the subject of lucid dreaming. A lucid dreamer is that person who can successfully travel to the realm of dreams with full consciousness and a wakeful of mind. Thus, he only lets his body rest while his mind remains wakeful and focused and completely aware of its journey to the realm of dreams.

Thus, in lucid dreaming, you are fully aware that you are in a dream, but what is the advanced stage of lucid dreaming? Does it just end there with you being merely aware of being in a dream? The answer is no. Lucid dreaming in real sense of the term involves having full dream control where you not only are aware of the dream but can also manipulate it and change it so as to facilitate seeing or doing whatever is it that you desire.

A capability which is extremely tough to get a grip on, dream control requires focused effort and continuous practice in order to be able to master the art of letting only your body sleep and keeping your mind wakeful to experience a lucid dream. Maintaining the lucidity stage is highly difficult in the first place, but going beyond that, it must be said that having true dream control where you can actually manipulate and change your dreams requires focus, practice, use of specialized techniques and experience.

The main difficulty in dream control lies in continuing the lucidity part of it. For example, if you are dreaming that you are in a desert you may be able to make small changes like the direction in which you are going, etc. Suppose now, you want to see yourself riding a camel and fighting a huge gigantic scorpion, this kind of manipulation would require more force from you, which in turn makes you wake up. Moreover, in case of failed attempts, go on trying since frustration or distress would make you wake up all the more.

Firstly, when you are in lucid dreaming and you find it hard to hold on to your dream scenes and feel them slipping away or rather fading away, the best technique to use would be dream spinning. A highly effective tool in case of dream control, this needs you to stand in a spot and spin around like a kid. After your spin stops, you would find the scenes or settings around you have gained much clarity. Dream Spinning can also be used for changing the dream setting completely.

Verbal Affirmations or Commands is another effective way to administer dream control. If you feel your dream to be going out of your hand and you are not able to manipulate the change that you want, simply saying it out loud helps a lot. For example, you want to grow four hands but are not able to, just say it out loud. Think of it in your head and just say that you need four hands.

Thirdly, creativity is also a tool for increased dream control. If you want to do something in your dream and are not being able to make that change, do not get frustrated but try to creatively make that happen. E.g. you want to see green trees all around you but you are not able to manifest it, try to think of it as a wall and start painting the trees instead, the setting will come in a flash.

Another hindering factor in your dream control that you need to be aware of is false awakenings. Many a times it happens that you wake up from sleep in your dream and you mistake it as waking up in reality. The best thing to do is to do a reality check so that such false awakenings do not spoil your dream control.

Getting distressed and frustrated over repeated unsuccessful attempts at dream control is what makes you loose lucidity and wake up. So, never get distressed and remember that the above techniques would bail you out from any situation. Moreover, increased meditation would lead to greater control of mind, and the right attitude, that is, a belief in yourself that you can do whatever you are attempting to do, would take you along way in dream control.

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