June 22, 2010

Depression Help

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Estimates are that almost 15 million Americans suffer from Depression, a serious problem.  Make no mistake, it is a real disease.  It’s not a reflection on the personal attributes of the patient despite it being a mental illness.  Depression can strike every person.  There’s no logic to its onset.  It can strike the rich or the poor.  Race or religion aren’t important.  The fact that you are suffering from this disease does not mean that you are less a human being.  The historic stereotypes associated with mental illness are meaningless.  The suffering associated with this disease will only get worse without treatment.  Pretending nothing is wrong won’t chase away this problem.  If a person doesn’t seek medical attention, the disease becomes worse until it dominates their entire life.

Depression can result from a number of sources.  This illness is more than just feeling sad and confused for a day or so.  Months or even years are the time frame in which depression plays.  Suicide often results from depression.  Early stages involve feelings of regret.  It can take from you the enjoyment that you once used to receive from your favorite activities.  You can experience loneliness and despair.  It could lead to feelings of failure and a sense of the future only getting worse.  Your entire personality can change as time passes.  It impacts every phase of life from work and school to at home.  Anxiety grows and sleep patterns change.

As previously stated there are many factors that lead to depression.  A major contributer is stress.  Stress itself has many causes such as losing a friend or being told you have a serious medical condition.  DNA is a factor. Suffering abuse can bring on stress.  Much of the time it can be felt because of simply trying to get by financially in everyday life.  There is so much stress in the world today to compete and satisfy those in our society.  Don’t forget that it’s a serious condition.  But for people who look for it there is help.  Only about one third of the 15 million people who have depression will seek treatment according to data.  You have to want help or you have to have someone who loves you seek the help for you.

The most common form of treatment for depression is ‘talk therapy’ and ‘anti-depressants’ such as Prozac.  However, this can get to be very expensive and the anti-depressants offer as many side affects as the depression itself.  There are natural medications available that contain the ingredient ‘hyperforin’ that are just as effective as the prescribed anti-depressants.  Another effective treatment for this terrible disease is the support of others who suffer it.  Kava Kava is good for Bi-Polar and good for natural relaxation.  St. John’s Wort is excellent for Depression but should not be taken for people with Bi-Polar.

Natural Remedies are always better for your body without the side effects.

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