Services We Provide
We provide specialized nutrition and diet reports using
Astromedicine provided by your own DNA blueprint. We
use this Med-Scan information to give you important
information about your specific dietary and nutritional
See (Medical Astrology Article).

This specific information can be interpreted by a toll-free
telephone consultation by appointment  with Visionary
Counseling. Laurel Ann Browne is a Medical Intuitive and
has the ability to read your Aura. She can predict current
health issues and transit triggers that are occurring now.
She can give recommendations to prevent disease from
occurring before it descends into your physical body or is
already there.

Counseling Medical Intuitive
Find out what doctors miss
What is a good surgery date?
What are your specific nutritional needs?

Toll-free telephone session
First time Introductory Offer:
$65.00 One
Half Hour with Free One
Month Medical Forecast Report
Limited time only            

Testimonials: "I have had recorded telephone conversations with
Laurel Ann for about five years and have found the information she
gives to me to be extremely helpful for business decisions as well as
in my personal life and health issues.  Her insights and observances
have often made my direction clearer and that allows me to move
forward".M.B. - Denver

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