SUPERBUG VIRUS - Swine Flu - MRSA - SARS - Bird Flu
By: Laurel Ann Browne                 

The pandemic virus influenza began showing up in various strains throughout the United States some
time ago, but ignored by the media and government until now. Recently cases of new Type A strain
was undiagnosed as doctors did not know how to treat the deadly disease.  CNN has recently reported
that this "Superbug” Virus began as a staff infection in hospitals only but then transmitted to the
community i.e., gyms, schools and the general community.  This disease is highly contagious and can
become life threatening if not treated properly.  Normal antibiotics do not get rid of this dangerous
problem. If the drug-resistant staph infection gets into the blood stream it can cause death. Now we have
Swine Flu!

Other virus flu strains began showing their ugly head a few years ago beginning with the Bird Flu
renamed SARS and now “Superbug”. Vital statistics of deaths were not reported to the public.  We might
expect release of the new Type A -Cytokine killer flu influenza very soon, now being labeled “Superbug”,  
sometimes referred to as: MRSA disease now called the Swine Flu.

The death expectancy is a loss of ten to fifteen percent of our population to
the recreated 1917 Spanish Flu virus, and just trying to get by during such a disaster is going to be very

Banks throughout the country are undergoing a massive drill over the next few weeks to see if they can
even keep their doors open during the pandemic. All levels of government have spent four long years
researching and preparing for the pandemic.  They are interested only in keeping key businesses
functioning, and the orderly processing of millions of sick people who will only be parked somewhere to
live or die on their own.  During all that time, the only thing they've come up with to help ordinary citizens
is that we should tell our kids to use a tissue when they sneeze, and have them wash their hands
frequently.  This is so far removed from what is actually known about avoiding a virus, that it is a glaring
case of deliberately withholding lifesaving information. I have no doubt at all that this is the situation for
which all the preparations for Martial Law have been made.  For example - we now have Military Academy
Schools popping up, future recruiting?

Now is the time you should be preparing for all the non-medical issues that are going to confront you.  As
in other similar instances, the authorities will be downplaying the problem and urging everyone to stay
calm. This will actually help the virus to rip through the population faster.  One thing will remain, for sure.  
You are still going to have to pay your rent or your mortgage.

Pandemic means that it spreads fast, is contagious, and once in your community every aspect of your
lifestyle is compromised.  If you are a fast-food junky where others prepare your food, beware.  Close
bodily contacts, i.e., sports, gyms and spouses can easily spread the disease without even being aware
of it themselves.  And of course, your children are eligible as this highly contagious disease transmits to
any common physical contact.

The pills recommended on this website are university certified to protect
against SARS, and the same chemistry should work quite well against any virus in this group that
includes avian flu and 1918 influenza recreated in Asia called SARS, a manipulated bird flu.  When the
cytokine storm hits, you may not have time to protect yourself and your family.  Your body is quite
capable of successfully fighting off most viruses, and why I stress the importance and the need for speed
in using the tools I have found to kill the virus and stop the production of toxins.  The drugs mentioned
below directly prevent or limit the cytokine killer influenza, according to the lab tests in Belgium. (also
One Minute Cure) for Swine Flu.

According to the latest in Virus Information says:

The Published Report about chloroquine:

BRUSSELS:  Chloroquine, which has been used for decades to fight malaria, has
been shown to be efficient in fighting the respiratory disease SARS, a team of Belgian researchers
announced. “Chloroquine, a known anti-malarial drug, is active against the SARS coronavirus in
laboratory experiments,” a statement by the team led by professor Mare Van Raust of K.U.Leuvens Rega
Institute for Medical Research said.

When SARS re-emerges, Chloroquine could be of great importance as preventive medication for people
living in or traveling to SARS-affected areas, and as an antiviral treatment for SARS patients.” The
statement said.
The advantage of chloroquine is that it is widely available in developing
countries, is cheap and has a very good safety record, the Belgian researchers said.  In 2003 SARS killed
nearly 800 people in 32 countries…”
Because of things that are both said and not said, there’s every reason to
believe that Chloroquine would be effective against this whole family of
corona-viruses. Chemical activity does not depend on the perfect matching of genetic codes like a
vaccine does.  This is why many antibiotics have been called “broad spectrum”. Think of penicillin when it
was new.  If it kills one it will kill them all. Even better is the claim that it works as a preventive. The
report is clearly saying that the drug is an anti-viral, active against the virus itself. According to the US
government, there is no such thing as an anti-viral drug. Only by the expensive efforts of the
pharmaceutical companies that might possibly come up with an antidote sometime in the distant future.
(Read this Article BEFORE you get the vaccine shot!) We are in the same predicament with the current
pandemic Swine Flu.

Chloroquine replaced Quinine for Malaria treatment shortly after World War Two. The benefit was a lower
dosage and it could be used as a preventive, protecting the user from infection even though bitten by
infected mosquitoes.  West Nile Virus falls into this category. U.S. troops in Vietnam were issued a
version of Chloroquine and took one tablet a week to prevent infection. In the research done by Ken-, he discovered that none of the pharmaceutical giants that produce it want it sold in the
United States. It does not appear in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference). This proves to be very
interesting since the drug is used around the world, and has been the primary treatment for malaria for
half a century. The PDR omission prevents you from going to a physician in the U.S. to ask for a
prescription.  Our recommended Chloroquine on this website has also been researched by the medical
research facility that operates as part of the Catholic University of Leuvens. They are among the best in
the world, and when they release a report the world takes notice.

There are safety issues as this drug can become toxic if not administered
correctly.  This is a preventative recommendation, not a diagnosis or medical advise. We are laymen
sharing previous experiences and testimonials known throughout the entire world.  US FDA Approval is
not needed for Alternative health information.

How Chloroquine is Used

The standard dose is one tablet, 250 mg to treat an established case of
influenza, possibly a second tablet the next day, depending on the condition of the person infected. We
are not treating the Malaria organism, which is becoming resistant to Chloroquine; we are using it to fight
a virus –
Taken as a preventative:
Adults: 1 tablet– 250 mg. once a week. If you are over 200 lbs. take 1.5 tabs.

Children Once A Week Dose by child’s weight:

Up to 13 lbs 1/8 tablet (18 mg base)
14 to 22 lbs. ¼ tablet (37 mg base)
22 to 35 lbs 3/8 tablet (56 mg base)
35 to 55 lbs ½ tablet (75 mg base)
55 to 99 lbs ¾ tablet (112 mg base)
Then 1 standard tablet, 250 mg. (150 mg base)
The reference to “base” refers to the actual amount of chloroquine contained in the tablet, the remainder
is filler and binder. Our recommended product is Chloroquine Phosphate which is the “generic Aralen” in
six different sizes.  Thirty tablets would give one adult 30 weeks of pandemic protection for less than
$1.00 a day. It should be taken with a meal and people with liver disease or epileptic should not take it at

It stops cytokine reaction in its tracts. You won’t find it in your newspaper,
local pharmacy or prescribed by your physician, remember it has been removed from the Physicians
Reference Manual? Belgian researchers indicated the drug actually killed the virus in the test tube (ie., In
blood)   Chloroquine is also known for its ability to shut off the cytokine response, the very thing that
makes the promised pandemic lethal.  In fact, it is even used in some areas as an inexpensive treatment
for Rheumotoid Arthritis, as well as a number of skin problems. Another treatment is
Oxygen that can be
purchased online.

This is a cheap, affordable influenza preventive and/or treatment possibility
that can maybe save your life. Another solution is
Collodial Silver article.

Laurel Ann Browne