Medical astrology utilizes the astrological horoscope, sometimes referred to as the Natal chart of an individual, derived
from the person’s date, time and place of birth. This chart is your celestial DNA, the blueprint of your mind, body and
soul’s purpose.  It correlates to your fingerprint because it is uniquely individual.  Astromedicine is used as a tool to
determine where and when there are physiological imbalances and psychological conflicts.  This chart can be used as
an adjunct with other methods of health assessment.  Medical astrology is NOT the practice of medicine. Rather, it is
the study of the relationship between what is occurring in the body, the general constitution of the body, planetary
planets and the connection to specific bodily functions, organs and disease associations.  The effects of the planets on
the body are due to electromagnetic stimulation.  The human aura is much more sensitive than a selenium cell to
planetary radiations.  The pathogenic effects are significantly individualized when linking the types of humane physique
and certain predispositions to diseases found in the natal chart.  Even academic medicine has led to the recognition of
constitutional types (sthenic, asthenic and apoplectic). Helping individuals achieve this balance has been the aim of the
Holistic Health movement in this country for some time.  Astrology too is concerned with the anticipation of events in our
lives before they occur, and research has proven that anticipated events also apply to future medical conditions.  
Instead of treating symptoms, medical astrology seeks to balance a person’s physical and mental energies.  It
recognizes that one’s personality influences one’s health; that we are biologically attuned to the movements of the
planets as we constantly receive magnetic energy from the planets through our aura and skin.  Health and nutritional
problems can be anticipated or recognized by this cohesive universal order between moons, planets, atoms and
molecules.  Since ancient times physicians were also required to be astrologers first who studied diseases caused by
stellar influences and aspects to those plants.  Some were considered negative (malefic) or positive (benefic).  An
aspect is the distance between two or more planets within a cosmic circle (natal chart).  Certain weaknesses or general
health problems could be determined by these aspects and their placement within the chart called Houses, the 1st, 6th
ad 12th being significant health houses.  Hippocrates stated “Natural forces within us are the true healers of dis-ease”.
He also wrote a treatise entitled “On the Astrology of Physicians”.  Astromedicine dates back to 400 BC and beyond.  
This science was applied by physicians and astrologers simultaneously in determining the current conditions of their
patients.  However, this art has been lost in modern day society and the symptoms drug industry has flourished.  
Research has shown that psychotherapy utilized the planets, e.g., Saturn representing the ability to give shape,
structure  Mars represents tonicity and libido, Venus represents contrast and sensibility, Mercury represents nervous
sensitivity and mental ability, Jupiter represents the desire to synthesize and the power of realization.  Of course each
of these planets also represents specific parts of the physical bodily parts and organs.  Physical correspondences
between the Zodiac and the Human Body, nutritional, homeopathic, herbal and naturopathy associations will be given
in following articles.  
Laurel Ann Browne has been a certified professional astrologer and medical intuitive  for
35 years. She has her private
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